Curry Blend of 13 Spices

The word “curry” derives from the term kari (or karil), which in southern India refers to spices used for certain dishes. An aromatic spice mixture with a bright orange color, due to the presence of turmeric, curry has various formulations, but coriander, cumin, chili and turmeric are always present.


Sambava Épices has selected and mixed, in accordance with a time-honored method, a total of 13 spices from across Madagascar, producing a unique blend.


Precisely because it is a mixture of spices with different characteristics and properties, curry is an antioxidant, an intestinal disinfectant, a digestive and a metabolic regulator. Due to the presence of pepper, it should be used in moderation to treat gastritis. An excellent flavoring for rice, pasta, fish and white meat. One simple but delicious recipe is chicken curry, served with rice. It is advisable to toss the curry in the pan before serving, in order to bring out the flavors. Store in the fridge in a glass jar, away from sources of light, and consume shortly after purchase.


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