Curcuma longa is a root of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), also known as “saffron of the Indies”. Once hulled and dried, it is reduced to a bright yellow powder. The rhizomes of the Malagasy varieties contain a relatively high percentage of curcumin, which is considered a powerful antioxidant.


The turmeric offered by Sambava Épices comes from his own farm located in the Ihorombe region, which is well-known for its succession of vast plain and plateau. The aroma is vaguely reminiscent of that of saffron, with notes that are more bitter and acidic, but never unpleasantly so, which emphasize the slightly musky, bitterish, warm and full-bodied palate.


Rich in curcumin, which is highly beneficial, starch, potassium and vitamin C. Ideal in white meat-based dishes, risottos and creamy soups, and with fish and spreadable cheeses. An excellent addition to potatoes, cooked fruit, yoghurt and sauces, it also works well as a condiment for salads. Best used raw, at the end of the cooking process, in order to retain its properties. Store dry, away from sources of light. The ideal quantity for consumption is a spoonful per day.


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cultivation Area
Region of Ihorombe

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Region of Ihorombe

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