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Toamasina means "that seems salty" in Malagasy (Tamatave or French name) is a large city in eastern Madagascar, the eponymous capital of the province of Toamasina and the Eastern region. The climate is subequatorial: warm temperatures and frequent rainfall throughout the year. From January to April, the hot season is punctuated by cyclones that can sometimes be extremely violent Capital of the East, at the mouth of the Pangalanes Canal (major axis of goods transport along the east coast of Madagascar), It exports products of the commercial crops of the region: vanilla, cloves, coffee.

The Climate

For its cultivation, these plants require a fertile soil with medium compactness. These spices can not withstand prolonged contact with water and fear too light soils, more or less salty sands, especially cloves. The region of the Malagasy East Coast, satisfies these requirements so that they are there in abundance offering the majority. Several parameters condition its good development: a low altitude, a temperature which varies from 26 to 30 °, an annual rainfall higher than 3000mm and a dry season allowing a good blooming and production. The planting is done when the rains are well established and regular. However, it must be pointed out that production is cyclical and that rainfall has a significant influence.

A dry season allows a good blooming and production quality.

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