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Excellence in cultivation and the production process of our products.

With skill and ambition, tradition and innovation we select and produce some of the finest spices on the planet. Manly raw ingredients, but also most exquisite blends. Our range of products deliver an experience of flavours that is truly exquisite.

Red chili pepper (Pili-Pili) Sambava  Épices


At our farm in the south of Madagscar in the province of Fianarantsoa we produce high quality spices as Curcuma, Pili-Pili and Ginger.

Furthermore all of our local suppliers have been meticulously vetted on the basis of their adherence to our strict standards. Before being
processed, the products are subject to a rigorous series of controls, and only those batches that conform to the highest levels of quality are

Manual assortment

In our factory we manually select as essential step only spices and grapes without defaults to guarantee the maximum of quality and
preservation of aroma. This makes part of a rigorous series of controls. Only those corns that conform to the highest levels of quality are


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